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Think back to 5 years ago. What advice would you give yourself? What do you think future you would tell yourself now? Get answers to those questions from our incredible panelists—ranging from vet students to new relief vets and seasoned relief vets!

Gain a new perspective on your career as you hear about relatable experiences, get valuable career advice, and find answers to your burning questions in this virtual panel discussion, “Relief work that works no matter where you are in your career.”

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Meet the Speakers

Kristina Chassie, DVM
After 6 years of practicing as a small animal vet, I realized that I was selling my freedom with little appreciation in return. Roo revived my love for veterinary medicine by allowing me to control my schedule and income, while also introducing me to a community of other relief vets and nurses.

Casandra Fiehtner, Vet Student
I’m excited to be Roo’s first Student Ambassador because I can share relief medicine with other vet students in their early careers, and show them that mentorship and support for new graduates is a true possibility with relief!

Rebecca Haber, DVM
Relief has allowed me to prioritize myself in a world where burnout is the new norm. To not have to ask anyone’s permission to take a mental health day, or needing to give months’ notice to take a vacation. And importantly, to be paid a wage that makes me excited to get out of bed every day!

Robin Paddock, DVM
With over 30 years of practice (much being in relief positions), I’m excited to share my experiences with relief and passion for the field. There are so many different opportunities available through Roo and I enjoy helping my fellow vets find their dream jobs.

Leena Park, Vet Student
As a first-year vet student, I’m excited to speak with my fellow panelists about how to have a diverse, fulfilling career in veterinary medicine, and what I can do to prepare as a student.

Abigail Sine, DVM
I just started doing relief work after working full-time at GP practices for 8 years and I’m loving it! I’m looking forward to discussing relief work, hearing about others’ experiences, and sharing tips and suggestions for maintaining a healthy work-life balance in a demanding field.

Moderated by
Andrew Findlaytor, DVM
Roo Relief Vet of 7+ years

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