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Why Roo?

The first-of-its kind veterinary relief platform, Roo connects hospitals with high-quality relief staff. Get coverage to fill all your staffing needs.

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Recruit high-quality relief

Hire from a premier candidate pool for both temporary and full-time placements. Roo gives you access to top-quality relief vets and techs. Find the experience you need to staff your Clinic. Additionally, our Roo University program gives you first-class visibility to 1st-4th year veterinary students across the country.

Increase revenue

By partnering with Roo, our relief vets and techs ensure you have the resources and headcount needed to maximize productivity. Post shifts when you need them and only pay for confirmed shifts! Stay cost-efficient, and reduce long term staff burnout with Roo.

Streamline hospital workflows

Take the headache out of managing relief staff managing relief staff with Roo. Our tax center automatically records and issues W9s through our state-of-the-art platform. We pay staff within 48 hours after their shift, and set up regular billing intervals with you, so you never miss a relief payment. Review resumes and experience before you hire to ensure quality and culture fit.

Host externships through Roo University

Help create an amazing new generation of vets by mentoring student interns and externs. We source excellent students from around the country and work with animal hospitals to ensure a positive, mutually beneficial mentorship experience.

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