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Why you should try relief

Wondering how to become a relief veterinary technician? Find a range of full-time and part-time vet tech jobs in your area.

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Work-life balance

Whether you are a new tech looking to gain experience, an established tech wanting to try something new, a tech who’s seeking adventure and travel opportunities, or a parent searching for a role that gives you the flexibility to be with your family, Roo can help you create the veterinary schedule you deserve.

Financial freedom

We offer competitive wages so that you can earn what you deserve without extra stress. Request shifts that meet your income goals, and achieve financial success and independence without headaches or hassle.


Find your place in the veterinary industry with Roo’s commitment to community. Meet other techs and veterinary professionals through working relief shifts, network with other techs at Roo-hosted happy hours, and receive exclusive content through our newsletters and social media.

Innovation and growth

Our innovative veterinary relief platform is committed to supporting veterinary professionals, with numerous resources including licensing and medical documentation, a tax center, and paraprofessional support. We’re expanding nationwide, too!

Accepting shifts with Roo has been easier than ever! With Roo’s web-based platform, there are no back and forth emails, everything is right there, and I receive shift confirmation in no time. Everyone is kind and always sounds like they have a smile on their face. If you’re looking for a great company to work with, ROO IS THE BEST!

Ethan Yule

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