For Vets - Why Roo?

Here at Roo, we believe that earning your DVM should give you the freedom to make your own schedule, choose where you work, earn a great salary and be beholden to no one but yourself. That’s why we created our revolutionary online relief veterinarian platform that gives you the ultimate control over your veterinary career. With Roo, you can –

  • Create a completely free account, accessible anywhere you’ve got internet.
  • Search veterinary shifts and job openings at animal clinics near you.
  • Work as much or as little as you like, with no obligation to book relief shifts.
  • Get paid directly into your bank account within two business days.
  • Earn more as a full-time relief vet than most clinics will pay in base salary.
  • Try different hospitals to see what you enjoy before committing if you’re looking for a full-time job.
  • Gain access to helpful 1099/Independent Contractor tax resources.
  • Have access to our supportive team that is committed to your success and happiness.

How It Works Roo is simple, fast and FREE

For veterinarians or vet techs

  • Create your profile

  • Search and select shifts in your area

  • Carry out your shift

  • Rate your experience

  • Get paid!

Want to talk to a DVM who's used Roo?

Dr. Andrew Findlaytor
I have been a full-time relief vet for over 6 years, worked at more than 60 hospitals, both GP and ER. If you have any questions about relief work I am happy to help!
Dr. Robin Paddock
In my 30 years of practice, I have worked in private practice, as an independent contractor, and held leadership roles. I am available to answer any questions you may have.

Hear From Our Vets

  • I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Roo as a full time relief veterinarian. I am able to make my own schedule, pick the clinics I want to work for, and have better control over my own work/life balance. Roo is very user-friendly, all done in real time, and provides all the information up front so you’re never left wondering what you are walking into with new clinics. I would recommend Roo for full time, part time, or even if you’re just looking for supplemental income.

    Dr. Stephanie Kennedy

  • Roo is great! Transparent and efficient. You get a better idea of what you're getting into, from how far the clinic is and what to expect commute-wise, to more open communication with the clinics… and fellow vets giving input on prior experience. No more anxiety about what to expect. No more filling out invoices and waiting to get paid.

    Dr. Jonathan Quan

Veterinary Careers - Your Future with Roo

Roo offers a range of employment opportunities, from part-time or full-time Core Roo relief to permanent placements at the hospital of your choice.

Whether you’re fresh out of veterinary school and looking at career options, or you’re inching towards retirement but you love working with animals too much to stop altogether, Roo can help. How much does a veterinarian make with Roo? How does a range of $124,000 - $220,000+ sound? See our sample salary breakdown here.

If you’ve never considered veterinary relief and you’re not sure where to start, check out our Relief with Roo Webinar. You can also have a fulfilling career as a traveling veterinarian! And with Roo, our Core Vets who work more than 15-18 shifts per month get paid a bonus to use however you see fit. See our Roo Core Vet One-Pager here .

Doing veterinary relief work is a great way to find out which vet clinics are hiring. We work with local, privately owned veterinary clinics as well as established brands such as Banfield, Thrive, BluePearl, and VCA. And if you wind up falling in love with one of Roo’s hospitals we’ll help you get the veterinary salary you deserve with our full-time placements.

Email us at [email protected] or call us at 1-833-Roo-Vets (766-8387)