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Less stress, more relief—why choose Roo:

Whether you're fresh out of veterinary school and looking at career options, or you’re nearing retirement but want to continue practicing, there’s a place for you at Roo.

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Work-life balance

Whether you are a new grad working to gain experience, an established vet wanting to try something new, a vet who’s seeking adventure and travel opportunities, or a parent searching for a role that gives you the flexibility to be with your family, Roo can help you create the veterinary schedule you deserve.

Financial freedom

We offer competitive wages so that you can earn what you deserve without extra stress. Request shifts that meet your income goals, and achieve financial success and independence without headaches or hassle.


Find your place in the veterinary community and renew your sense of belonging. Enjoy exciting CE opportunities catered specifically to relief vets, attend local happy hours with your peers, partake in digital forums to discuss medical cases, and more.

Innovation and growth

Our innovative veterinary relief platform is committed to supporting veterinary professionals, with numerous resources including licensing and medical documentation, a tax center, and paraprofessional support.

Where can I find veterinarian jobs near me?

Whether you are looking for something more long term, Roo has you covered. Find a range of full-time and part-time veterinarian jobs in your area.

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I have been a full-time relief vet for over 6 years, worked at more than 60 hospitals, both GP and ER. If you have any questions about relief work I am happy to help!
Dr. Andrew Findlaytor
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In my 30 years of practice, I have worked in private practice, as an independent contractor, and held leadership roles. I am available to answer any questions you may have.
Dr. Robin Paddock
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“I am able to make my own schedule, pick the clinics I want to work for, and have better control over my own work-life balance. Roo is very user-friendly, all done in real time, and provides all the information up front so you're never left wondering what you are walking into with new clinics.”

Dr. Stephanie Kennedy

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