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What is Roo?
Roo is an innovative service aimed at connecting quality professionals to veterinary hospitals in efficient, empowering and better ways.
With its platform and website, Roo enables hospitals to fulfill short-term personnel needs in real time, while allowing high-quality professionals to secure freelance work at the click of a button. Both sides provide information on service types, skills and preferences, ensuring full transparency and the best matching.
Beyond the platform, Roo aims to empower a community of smart, trustworthy, agile, and resilient veterinarian professionals who value flexibility and work-life balance.
Why was Roo created?
We created Roo because we saw a huge need in the animal industry for hospitals and veterinary professionals to better connect with each other while also becoming more empowered as professionals. On top of providing a simple matching process, we also wanted to provide a forum for quality professionals to be able to better communicate with each other. Financially, with our services, we believe that our platform will help to generate additional income for vets and techs as well as additional revenue for the hospital.
Where is Roo available?
Currently, Roo is fulfilling shifts in Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth and San Antonio/Austin, so if you’re licensed in the state of Texas you can definitely start booking. Currently, Roo is fulfilling shifts throughout Texas, and we've recently launched in Los Angeles, California. Even if you’re not in Texas or California, please feel free to sign up and fill out a profile so we can alert you when we’re available in your city.
Who is Roo available to?
Currently, hospital administrators, veterinarians may use our platform in Texas and California, and veterinary technicians may use the platform in Texas. Due to labor laws differing by state, Roo may have different availability depending on where you live.
How much does it cost to sign up? Is there a monthly user fee?
There is no fee to sign up, Roo is FREE for anyone to join. We don’t charge monthly or membership fees, just use the platform when you need it.
Does Roo have a mobile app?
Roo currently does not have a mobile app, but the website works on desktop and is mobile optimized on iOS and Android, however we do encourage using Roo on desktop. We will introduce a mobile app in the future.
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