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Your new veterinary relief services platform. Find top-quality relief veterinarians and technicians at the click of a button. Trust Roo to get the relief your hospital needs.

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    Easy-to-use platform

    Our intuitive interface means you and your team will pick it up in no time.

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    Curious? Sign up at no cost and find out why so many others choose Roo.

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    Only pay for completed shifts

    If you don’t find coverage, you don’t need to pay. Simple as that.

Getting started with Roo

Never feel short-staffed again with Roo’s veterinary relief services.

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Why Roo?

The first-of-its kind veterinary relief platform, Roo connects hospitals with high-quality relief staff. Get coverage to fill all your staffing needs.

Host externships through Roo University

Help create an amazing new generation of vets by mentoring student externs. We source excellent students from around the country and work with animal hospitals to ensure a positive, mutually beneficial mentorship experience.

Where can I find vets in my area?

“I am able to make my own schedule, pick the clinics I want to work for, and have better control over my own work-life balance. Roo is very user-friendly, all done in real time, and provides all the information up front so you’re never left wondering what you are walking into with new clinics.”

Dr. Stephanie Kennedy

Talk to a Roo Vet

Want to hear from a real user first? We get it. Schedule a call with a Roo relief vet now! Get answers to your burning questions.

I have been a full-time relief vet for over 6 years, worked at more than 60 hospitals, both GP and ER. If you have any questions about relief work I am happy to help!

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Dr. Andrew Findlaytor

Veterinarian Schedule a call

In my 30 years of practice, I have worked in private practice, as an independent contractor, and held leadership roles. I am available to answer any questions you may have.

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Dr. Robin Paddock

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