Roo Launches in Los Angeles, California

Roo Team October 28, 2020 Roo News Share

After taking the Texas veterinary relief world by storm, Roo has just expanded into Los Angeles, California. We will be bringing the same high-caliber customer service paired with our revolutionary online relief staffing platform to the west coast. With several hospitals already signed on and using our site in the LA metro area, we are looking for veterinarians who want to take back control of their careers.

Relief with Roo means never having to invoice a hospital ever again. It means direct deposit payment, initiated within two business days of completing a shift. It also means deciding where you want to work and when you want to work, and only committing to shifts YOU choose. Even if you’ve never considered relief before, it’s totally free for veterinarians to use so there’s no risk in creating an account and poking around. Want to take last-minute shifts to fill schedule holes? Use Roo. Thinking about making the switch to full-time relief work? You can make more with us than a full-time associate veterinarian salary.

As for hospitals? We think you’ll find our base rates to be competitive and reasonable. We also think you’ll love being able to preview vet profiles and decide which one fits your hospital best before confirming them to work with you. We can help provide short term, last-minute coverage as well as long-term and permanent placements. Only pay when a shift is confirmed, not a minute sooner.

You’ve never seen relief done like this, and once you try Roo you’ll never want it any other way. Browse our Roo4You community page for interesting cases, industry news and tips for improving your wellbeing. We know how challenging this industry can be. Let us help you rise to the challenge!

Relief. Support. Community.

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