Veterinary Staffing Solutions in California

We are excited to announce Roo is coming soon to California and the Los Angeles area! Roo is taking our success in the Houston, and Dallas/ Fort Worth area and applying it in the Golden State. In fact, 40% of Houston veterinary hospitals have already signed up with Roo, including Banfield, THRIVE Affordable Vet Care, and VCA.

What are the perks & specifics?

  • There are hundreds of animal hospitals in Los Angeles and surrounding areas - we understand your challenges and we're here to help you with your staffing needs!
  • The average veterinarian in Los Angeles makes between 73k and 160k. With Roo you can make even more by booking shifts at more locations creating your own schedule and salary!
  • Due to the California Labor Laws, as of now Roo will be available for veterinarians but not yet veterinary technicians.
  • Roo won't make you sign a non-compete so you can work where you want, when you want.
  • Roo is completely FREE to sign up.